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CONCERT 2022年國際學術研討會-開放談天 Hey, Let’s talk about OPEN!


全國學術電子資訊資源共享聯盟成立至今已邁入第24週年,2022年CONCERT國際研討會時間定於 12月6日(二)9:00-17:30,舉辦國際線上研討會。本次研討會的主題為「開放談天Hey, Let’s talk about OPEN!」,邀請國際知名與國內圖書資訊界專家學者及出版商就此一重要議題分享新知卓見,相關訊息請見 研討會網頁


1. 本次會議以線上會議進行,線上會議室連結及相關資訊將於12月5日(一)以Email寄送報名者,填寫報名資料時請確實填寫Email帳號。

2. 本次活動核發公務人員學習時數或研習證明 3小時/半天,請於會後滿意度調查問卷中勾選所需資料。

3. 線上報名成功後會收到由系統自動發出之研討會報名成功信,若沒收到或有其他疑問,有任何問題請洽CONCERT(Email: concert@narlabs.org.tw )或電洽李小姐:(02)2737-7648。

2022 Electronic Resources and Consortia Program
The theme of this year's program is Hey, Let’s talk about OPEN, and the event will take place online on Tuesday 6th December.
This online conference brings together voices from across the sector through a series of presentations. For more details, refer to the webpage.
Please note that advance registration is required.

If you have any questions about this online event, we welcome you to contact concert@narlabs.org.tw 



時間 主持人/主講人 主題
9:00-9:05 林博文 博士 / Dr. Bou-Wen Lin
Director General, Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center(STPI)
Opening Remarks
9:05-10:05 鄭鈴慧 教授 / Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng
Professor and Director, School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman's University, USA
Data Communications for Library Services with Community Impact 鄭鈴慧教授
10:05-10:35 Mr. John Hynes
Research Services Co-ordinator: University of Manchester Library, UK
如何使用 SciVal 和 Scopus 支持我們未來健全的永續發展目標
Using SciVal and Scopus to Support Our Healthy Futures SDG John_Hynes_for_CONCERT
10:35-10:55 休息Break
10:55-11:55 Mr. James Picken
Business Development Director, Open Science Solutions, Elsevier
Supporting Taiwan’s Open Access Needs James_Picken_s_slides_for_CONCERT
11:55-12:25 Mr. Ian Boucher
Emerald 影響力與商務發展經理
Impact Liaison and Business Development Manager, Emerald Publishing
求新、求變、求影響 – 學術影響力為何重要?
Why Research Impact Matters? Research Impact–Making a Difference in the World Ian_Boucher簡報
12:25-13:30 午休Lunch
13:30-14:30 Ms. Yvonne Campfens
OA Switchboard 執行董事
Executive Director, OA Switchboard, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
藉由與全球研究生態系統的強力合作以推動Open Access策略
Building Robust Connections in the Global Research Ecosystem to Drive Open Access Strategies Yvonne_updated
14:30-15:00 Mr. Rhodri Jackson
Publishing Director, Open Access, OUP
Future Perspectives on Open Research 6._Rhodri_Jackson_with_Chiness
15:00-15:20 休息Break
15:20-16:20 Ms. Alice Wood
Associate Director, OA Business Development, Wiley
Preparing Your Library for a Successful Transformational Agreement Alice_Wood_CONCERT_keynote__updated_
16:20-16:50 徐惠玲 女士 / Ms. Iris Hsu
Research Solution Consultant. ies Research Consulting, iGroup
從研究流程出發 – 開放時代下的研究支援
The Making of World-class Research: Workflow & Tools 徐惠玲簡報
16:50-17:20 轉型化合約面面觀
Unlocking the Gateway to the Implementation of Transformative Agreements
林孟玲 女士 / Ms. Meng-ling Lin (Beatrice)
CONCERT & NDDS Project Manager, Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center(STPI) 轉型化合約面面觀
17:20-17:30 閉幕典禮
Closing Remarks
林孟玲 女士 / Ms. Meng-ling Lin(Beatrice)
CONCERT & NDDS Project Manager, Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center(STPI)